Should Football Broadcasts Have Sign Language Commentators?

Should Football Broadcasts Have Sign Language Commentators?

Football is very popular, in most parts of the world, in fact it is the most popular sport in the world, without a doubt. Every country likes watching football, especially the World Cup. for some people, that is pure pleasure, for others, business. Yes, some people make lots of money by watching football games, simply by betting. Today, betting is so much easier as you can bet on any league in the world because we have online sportsbooks. Most of them have promotions and offers which entice new users. A good example would be this STS bet promo code. Football is the most popular sport so it is featured on almost every online betting site.

But, some people do not really get as much pleasure from watching football as they cannot really hear the commentary. Most news broadcasts have sign language commentaries who translate the broadcast simultaneously. Should that be added to football?

Commentaries – Half the Fun of a Watching Sports

Imagine watching a game of professional wrestling in silence. Imagine watching a silent movie. Well, most people have probably watched some of the older masterpieces, but those are a different type of art. Sports broadcasts often have commentators, well, not often, always. Commentators are such an important and integral part of sports that you wouldn’t even think of watching a game of anything without having a commentator to listen to. Some commentators are better than others, it is true, and their voices are pleasant to listen to, but others you could do without, but even then, the game would feel empty without someone to hype plays up or analyze a situation, give background information and provide us with entertainment when things get dull. Commentators should definitely be hired, especially for high priority matches such as the World Cup ones.

Football has Money – Commentators are not Expensive

Sure, some brand names might be more expensive than others, but compared to what major football stars are being paid, broadcasting an entire World Cup in sign language should not be a problem for the FIFA organization and the sponsors which would jump in to promote their own company and gain followers through acts of altruism, or supposed altruism. The World Cup should definitely hire sign language commentators to make the broadcasts accessible and entertaining for everyone.

Sign language can be taught and learned easily, like anything in today’s day and age, with information being at the palm of our hands. It is up to the football organizations and the sponsors to take things into their hands and hire commentators who will make the broadcasts better for the deaf. Sports are better with commentators, so everyone should get to experience them.