People who went beyond their disabilities

People who went beyond their disabilities

Unlike in the past, people with disabilities now have more chances to succeed in life. Governments of first world countries passed legislation to give them a somewhat fair chance.

Moreover, medical science and technology advanced significantly making it easier for these people to integrate into society and live in a quasi-normal way. We are going to present the stories of several people who weren’t brought down by their nature given flaws and succeeded against the odds.

Break your physical limits

In the past years, the Paralympics saw a surge in participants even though there is a huge funding gap between Olympic and Paralympic athletes. This can also be seen in bookmakers’ lack of interest for the Rio Paralympics. It’s simply not as profitable. Anyway, you can click this link to get bonus codes for betting on all other competitions.

Take the case of Deepa Malik, a woman who had a spinal tumor that left her in a wheelchair and yet somehow she won a silver at shot put. Moreover, she is a motivational speaker to inspire others to overcome their disabilities.

Another example is Vasyl Kovalchuk, an Ukrainian paralympian who competed with just one arm in the mixed 10 metre air riffle. He actually got the gold. The story of Vasyl made a turn to the worst when he was 11 years old. He lost his right arm after he was attacked by a bear in a zoo.

Ammar Ali is an Iraqi who got the silver medal in Paralympic fencing. He used to be a carpenter in Baghdad but he tragically lost both his legs in a bomb attack. Ammar said that before his accident he didn’t do any sport at all. Now, he gave up completely on carpentry and proudly says “this is my job now – just fencing.”

People are surprised to hear him that he will not leave Iraq in spite of the current situation of that city. He loves the country and is proud to represent it in international competitions. For that, he trained 6 hours a day and it certainly paid off. That was the first silver medal Iraq ever got at fencing.

One more example of a man who knows no limits: he plays Olympic grade table tennis without having arms. It’s the story of Ibrahim Hamato who lost both his arms in a train accident when he was only 10 years old in Egypt. You might wonder, how does he do it? Ammar keeps the paddle in his mouth and throws the ball up with his toes to serve.

Deafness – no longer a sentence to isolation

Let’s start with this woman from Mumbai who was born with a speech and hearing impairment. Being deprived of these 2 senses has a powerful negative effect on one’s social life and mental health. This was originally posted on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page, so we don’t know the woman’s name, but we do know her story. She was always a happy child and teachers said she was “the heart of the class.”

Still, as her shortcomings became more evident in her adult life, she suffered from depression. In order to take her mind off of that, she kept herself busy studying textile for 2 years. Long story short, she opened her own embroidery business in India that became quite successful at a local level.