Must-have Apps of 2021 for People with Hearing Loss

Must-have Apps of 2021 for People with Hearing Loss

As the world is becoming more and more inclusive, it seems that some of the barriers deaf people, or people who struggle with hearing loss, are being broken, making it easier for them to be a part of our society. The internet has the ability to make everyone feel included, whether or not people have physical impairments; The sheer availability and visibility the world wide web offers people with speech and hearing impairments has certainly made improvements in their lives; What with apps that make their day-to-day lives more convenient (for example, apps that allow them to transcribe speech in real-time), entertainment websites and apps (whether it is watching sports with subtitles, betting online with bonuses such as betway bonus, following live results from games, or watching a TV show with transcribed audio forms) and many more!

Here are some of the must-have apps of 2021 for people with a hearing loss:


One of Google’s famous apps for helping people with hearing loss take part in conversations is Live Transcribe. You only need to turn on your microphone, as it picks up on sound, and you will have texts transcribed on your phone in real-time. However, be sure to turn on your data or Wifi before using it, as it only works with the internet connection for now.


What Live Transcribe lacks is exactly the main function of Rogervoice. This app transcribes your phone calls to text in real-time! It works in more than 100 languages and it’s pretty simple to use. You will receive a text message containing the text of what your interlocutor said. Pretty amazing, huh?


Similar to Live Transcribe and Rogervoice, AVA is used in social environments, in which it will also transcribe speech to text. All you need to do is have people you’re talking to join the app, and you will receive real-time transcription on your phone.


Similar to all of the apps above, Earfy allows live speech-to-text transcription to people with hearing impairments. The only thing you need for it to work is a stable WiFi / Data connection.


Braci is an incredible app that sends you notifications in the form of a text message when your doorbell is ringing, or even in more harrowing conditions when a fire alarm turns on, or there is C02 detected in your house.


Similar to Braci, Tap Tap also turns sound alarms into texts which you receive on your phone. It alerts you when it hears a baby monitor beep or when there is a phone call.


This app allows people with hearing impairments to contact the emergency services (police, hospital…) in no time! It allows people to get in touch with the services by tapping on the screen.


Subtitles Viewer allows you to use subtitles on TV, laptop, and in the cinema in many different languages.


P3 Mobile allows people with hearing impairments to give and receive calls anywhere! All you need is just a stable WiFi or Data connection for it to work.