Is It Possible for Visually Impaired People to Enjoy Popular Video Games?

Is It Possible for Visually Impaired People to Enjoy Popular Video Games?

Playing video games is one of the most popular forms of entertainment nowadays. However, games are predominantly a visual form of entertainment, which poses an interesting question – Can visually impaired people play video games? Believe it or not, it is indeed possible. Similar to how efortuna online help their users enjoy chance games by giving them a small boost, with some design adjustments and innovative tech it can be possible for those with complete blindness to play video games. But let’s explore this topic in greater detail in order to give a more accurate answer to this question. 

It depends on the severity of impairment    

First of all, there are multiple degrees of visual impairment, which is why it is possible for many visually impaired individuals to play a variety of different games. So long as they face the screen at the right angle and at the right distance it is going to be possible. That being said, it’s likely that they won’t enjoy all games the same, depending on their difficulty and how much of the narrative is delivered through visuals. 

Focusing on sound

Even if the person suffers from complete blindness it is still possible to enjoy some games. Many video games can first add settings that can aid blind people. For example, blind people can play monopoly or other board, so long as they have a clear overview of what is going on. In other words, games that have similar mechanics to the board games can be played and enjoyed so long as they have enough audio input that would allow players to be completely aware of the situation. 

We must also bear in mind that blind people do have acute hearing and that even some of the more complicated games are playable. Take Super Mario 64 for example. It is one of the classics and even considered by many as one of the best games. It also has a plethora of audio cues that allows blind people to navigate. That speaks volumes of how important sound design can be in games, and how the sound itself can communicate different events in the game.    

Innovative technology

Even if the game is more complicated, and the general design did not include the settings that help the visually impaired, another tech might come in handy. There are devices that are designed to help blind people and rely on neuroplasticity. Basically, these are glasses that detect light, and based on the light intensity they fire electrical impulses to the brain. As this technology advances, it is not impossible for it to be used for playing video games. That being said, the main focus is to help blind people so developing specific tech for gaming is still not the main focus.  

Games specifically designed for visually impaired

Game designers love a good challenge and some studios decided to create a game that can be played even without sight. The game is called Lost and Hound, and it is actually a puzzle adventure game. Players can progress through the game, find items, and solve puzzles by relying on solely audio cues from an in-game dog companion. It is a single-player game, that takes around 10 hours to finish and hopefully, we will see more of these games down the line.