Deaf MMA Fighters Proving that Anything is Possible

Deaf MMA Fighters Proving that Anything is Possible

Mixed Martial arts or MMA, is a sport where people fight one another, using mixed martial arts. The name itself is indicative of what you can expect to see on the screen or live, should you decide to watch MMA fights live. The most famous MMA tournament is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and it would be safe to say that it popularized MMA in general.

The world of MMA is different to that of other sports, in the sense that you might expect even deaf people to beat others, without impairments, in regular tournaments. Who would’ve bet on a deaf person? Well, informed people who do betting for a living, or people who read guides and tips, like the one you can find on

Matt “The Hammer” Hamill

This man did some of the most impossible things when you think about it. Being deaf means you don’t hear a thing. You are trapped with your own thoughts and fears. You don’t hear your opponent approaching you to punch you in the face, you do not hear their feet leaving the ground to kick you. You have to visualize everything. For Matt Hamill, this is a reality. 

He not only sees the mouths of the fans as they talk about him while entering the ring, he also sees the opponent and everything else, while at the same time, only hearing silence.

Matt has a record of 13 wins and 8 losses, fighting in the Light Heavyweight division. His style of fighting is wrestling and he is pretty good at it, defeating Tito Ortiz at one point.

His story is quite moving and motivating, especially the relationship Hamill had with his late grandfather, who taught him to adapt to the world around him as a normal person, not just as a deaf one. He remains a figure of importance for the deaf, inspiring them as well as people without impairments. They salute him with a Hammer sign, which is his trademark move.

Garrett Scott

Garret Scott owes his condition to meningitis, a very serious disease which can have very bad outcomes, death being one of them, and a frequent one if not treated properly or on time. People ended up being in comas for several months due to meningitis.

Scott’s story is a bit different, and he ended up being completely deaf. His mother is responsible for him being the way he is, very adaptable and even passionate about the things he does, namely MMA fighting. When declared unable to learn or have any language by a doctor, his mother said: “You know what? I appreciate everything you’ve done, but thank you so much, I think we’re good.” He learned Judo and started his passionate journey when coming in contact with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He immediately fell in love with it and is currently an instructor. Oh yes, he also had a couple of MMA fights along the way.

These are the two most famous MMA fighters who prove that you can do anything, no matter your impairment.