6 Professional Athletes Who Battled Significant Hearing Loss (And Succeeded In Spite Of It)

6 Professional Athletes Who Battled Significant Hearing Loss (And Succeeded In Spite Of It)

Everybody loves a story about a person who manages to achieve their dreams despite all the difficulties. Well, these kinds of stories are all around us. We bring you six professional athletes, who managed to succeed in their fields despite battling significant hearing loss in their youth. They are true role-models for all aspiring athletes, as they proved that you can do anything you put your mind to. Because of their success, many people even like to bet on these inspiring athletes and use sites such as Coral promo code for great offers and bonus codes. 

Derrick Coleman (Football)

Derrick Coleman started losing his hearing as a young boy when he was only three years old. However, that didn’t stop him from having a successful football career and exceeding everyone’s expectations. First, he played college football for the UCLA and then went on to win the Suber Bowl in 2013 with the Seattle Seahawks, thus becoming the first deaf offensive player in the NFL. He even stated that in a way, his hearing loss helps him focus during loud games.

Gertrude Ederly (Swimming)

Gertrude Ederly is a role model for all female swimmers out there, as she proved multiple times that women can swim as fast as male swimmers can, if not faster. Not only is she the first woman to swim across the English Channel, but she is also the winner of multiple Olympic medals. Obviously, the fact that she lost her hearing as a consequence of the measles she had as a child, did not stop, nor limit her in any way.  

Jim Kyte (Hockey)

Now retired, Jim Kyte had a successful hockey career and despite his hearing impairments played in 598 games. Although he would often lose his hearing aid during more brutal parts of the game, Jim never saw his hearing problems as something that could stand in his way. He is the first and only deaf player in the NHL and in 2018, he was included in Canadian Disability Hall of Fame. 

Ashley Fiolek (Motorcross)

Not only did Ashley Fiolek become the youngest female National Motorcross Championship winner, but she also won it three more times. She was born deaf, but just like Derrick Coleman, she uses her hearing loss to her advantage, stating that it helps her ignore any negative comments she might get from her opponents before the race. 

Lou Ferrigno (Bodybuilding)

Although Lou suffers from hearing loss as a result of multiple ear infections he had during his childhood, this bodybuilder managed to become both Mr. America and Mr. Universe. His career in bodybuilding worked out for him so well, he even got acting opportunities because of it – you can see him in the role of the Incredible Hulk alongside Edward Norton and Liv Tyler. 

Tamika Catchings (Basketball)

Tamika Catchings is an American basketball star, who, after she graduated from the University of Tennessee, where she played for the women’s basketball team, joined the Indiana Fever and began her almost 15 year-long professional career. She went on to win several Olympic gold medals with her team. Although she was born with a severe hearing loss in both ears, that didn’t slow her down and she was also voted the WNBA’s MVP in 2011.