4 Athletes that Were Unbelievably Lucky

4 Athletes that Were Unbelievably Lucky

Luck is a tricky thing. People will often say that they don’t believe in luck, and then knock on wood afterwards. This is because you could be the most skilled and dexterous person in the world, and fumble flipping a pancake. When I played a few Harrah’s Casino games, I felt very lucky, indeed. On more than one occasion, I won a lot more than I could have possibly expected, but I digress.

The world of sports isn’t immune to the charm of the Lady Luck, as we’ve all seen amazing athletes trip and fall, lose control of the ball, or get a really unfortunate injury that prevents them from playing for a while, just like Alexis Sanchez, about whom you can read more just here. However, it works in reverse, as well. Here are some of the world’s luckiest athletes.

Roger Federer

Sometimes, luck and skill go hand in hand. Roger Federer is one of the biggest names in tennis today, and, at the time of writing this article, he is number two on the ATP list. The reason Federer is on this list is that there is a type of shot in tennis, not successfully executed by many, that Federer adopted and made his own – the tweener, or the shot between the legs.

To perform the shot, you must be left with no convenient alternative to return the ball, and the force and precision required are immense. We are not saying Federer is not skillful – he just incorporated his skill and good luck many times he performed that shot.

Nick Faldo

Nick Faldo is the number one golfer in England. However, he can tell you that you need more than skill to win a golf tournament. You need your opponent to commit a few blunders as well. Many of his tournaments were won this way – in 1990, his opponent, Ray Floyd, lost his ball in a pond on the second hole.

In 1996, he was lucky enough to overtake his opponent’s score with no special effort on his part – Greg Norman outplayed himself, and destroyed his own lead, in addition to losing his temper.

Michael Jordan

We did not put the man on the list, he arrived on it himself. There are some superstitions that athletes honor daily, or every game. Jordan is no different – every time he had a big game coming, he would wear his North Carolina shorts underneath his team shorts.

It sounds silly to think that a piece of clothing could make or break a person’s career. However, Jordan seemed to think that they brought him good luck, and who are we to argue. After all, there are no NBA enthusiasts who haven’t heard of Michael Jordan.


Speaking of basketball, there was an incident where Diego Maradona decided to switch sports in the middle of an offence in 1986 World Cup against England. Namely, while attacking, there was no other way for him to reach the ball and knock it out of the goalie’s reach, save to punch it (which he did). It should be noted that the goalie had at least a foot on Maradona, and the advantage of legally using his hands.

This didn’t stop our hero, who somehow outmaneuvered the goalkeeper and scored a goal with his fist. Incredibly irregular? Yes, but the judges didn’t catch it, so he was able to pull through. The goal was subsequently dubbed Hand of God, and is one of the most well-known lucky shots. England was bitter for losing 2-1 that day, and it is not hard to imagine why. Picture someone winning against you in a move that was not only lucky, but illegal as well.